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Mission Support Team


At Woodlands we are very committed to being involved in God's mission wherever that might be.  We want to play our part in Jesus' Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. We have the privilege of sending out and supporting a number from the church family who are involved in mission overseas or in other parts of the UK.  Our support of these mission partners is led by a Missions Support Team (MST).

All believers are missionaries on the mission field!  The MST is concerned with mission external to the day to day life and ministry of the church.  There are 4 aspects to external mission & WEC:-

1)    SENDING – of people to work in external mission

2)    STRATEGY – of the church’s involvement in external mission

3)    SUPPORT – ofWoodland’s official mission partners & agencies

4)    STIMULATION – of prayer, giving and interest in our mission partners & agencies


The MST is accountable to the eldership for the following role:-


  • To assist the elders by initially counselling, interviewing and helping discern motivation & direction with people who are considering entering external mission roles.


  • Advise the elders on the church’s strategy regarding the support of external mission.


  • Oversee the church’s support of our formal external mission agencies and partners
  • Propose to the elders a missions budget by each September
  • Be in regular touch with our mission partners and agencies - communicating the news and prayer needs to the church
  • Send money from gift days to beneficiaries with encouraging supporting letters
  • Co-ordinate support for church members involved in short-term mission (E.g. summer camp leaders; week teams etc.)
  • Oversee the formation of teams for short term mission (E.g. what is the team’s purpose/what gifts are needed/how many are needed/ who is suitable to be in the team/how does the team benefit from the mission experience etc.)


  • Stimulate interest (prayer, financial & personal involvement) throughout the church in our external mission partners & agencies.  E.g. Loose Leaves; notice sheet; prayer meetings; prayer in Sunday services; special weekends etc.
  • Propose special events that stimulate interest in our external mission and be involved in leading them
  • To oversee the external missions notice board keeping it relevant and up to date