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Christianity Explored


For many people, what Christians actually believe is a bit of a mystery.  They have picked up a few bits from school, from the media, maybe from an occasional visit to a church and possibly from Christian friends.  But it's all a jumble: Jesus, Father Christmas, Easter eggs and the Vicar of Dibley get mixed up and the result is a lot of confusion and head-scratching!  

 Christianity eXplored is for people who want to find out more about the Christian faith in as simple and as honest a way as possible.  It runs over 7 sessions.  Each session begins with refreshments and then uses DVD and discussion to present the material.  Anyone is welcome, especially those with little or no knowledge whatsoever about the Christian faith.

 You won't be asked to read out loud, to pray or to sing!  You can come and just listen or you can ask as many questions as you like.  All the materials are provided and there is no cost involved - apart from your time!

 Our next Christianity eXplored is already being planned.  The course usually runs once or twice a year, either in the church building or in a local home, depending on the numbers.

 Please do speak to one of our church leaders if you would like to come along.


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